Practice and Mat Fees

Fee: $15/day or $65/month (not pro-rated)

Mat fee applies to all visitors regardless of age. All scheduled classes are open to visitors who wish to train, although final approval is left to the individual instructors.

Fees must be paid in advance, or waived by an instructor. Donations in any amount are always welcome. Any person wishing to join practice as a visitor is expected to have prior experience in Aikido and must make the request to the instructor of each class. He/she also must (1) have an appropriate uniform and (2) fill out and sign a waiver form.

Visitors intent on practice should come at least 15 minutes before class to introduce themselves to the instructor, fill out the waiver form, pay the fee, and change. Stretching is also recommended.

Visiting Junior Students

Adult visitors occasionally bring a son or daughter who is a minor, but trains with adults at their home dojo. Generally, anyone under 18 must practice in the Junior classes. Exceptions to this rule may be granted to visitors in the above circumstance, but such decisions are up to the individual instructors.

Viewing Practice

Visitors, especially those considering joining as members, are encouraged to watch at least one practice session. Parents and family members and friends are always welcome to watch their family members during practice. Bench seating for viewing practices is provided. The dojo is open ONLY during practice times. Please be mindful that this is a shared space with the temple community. Please be respectful of your surroundings.


There is ample street parking in the surrounding neighborhood.


The use of recording devices (e.g., photo and video cameras) of any kind are prohibited unless permission is granted by an authorized representative. As an audience member, please do not engage in loud talking or any sort of disturbance. Viewers should sit appropriately and not lie down on benches. Cell phone calls should be taken outside the dojo. Smoking is not allowed in the dojo nor anywhere near a window or entrance that might affect student practice. Please refrain from eating or carrying open containers of liquid (drinks) in the audience area.

Both students and instructors are willing to answer your questions. Feel free to approach anyone in a uniform to assist you, and if they cannot, will direct you to someone who can. Best time to ask questions is shortly before or after practices. Do not disturb the instructor or students while class is in session.